Transmission Flush Coupons

Transmission flush coupons are a great way to save money on costly transmission services.  Whenever I am in need of automotive maintenance, I always search for those great money saving coupons.  Many service stations regularly offer service coupons for anything from oil changes to transmission fluid change coupons.  Below is a list and some details on some of the reoccurring transmission fluid flush coupons offered by the most popular service stations.  I haven’t included links due to the ever changing nature of these coupons but I have included some of the past deals that have been offered.

Valvoline Transmission Flush Coupons

valvoline transmission flush couponsValvoline routinely offers good oil change coupons and other coupons.  While specific transmission Valvoline transmission flush coupons can be hard to find, they do offer coupons on their website for 10% off your entire invoice.  If you go to, there is the option to enter your email address to sign up to have coupons emailed to you or there is also a great option to have coupons sent in a text message to your phone.  I have used this option and it works great.  All you have to do is show the service technician your text to get the discount.

Also, at you can enter your zip code and get redirected to your local store’s website where you can get specific coupons and offers for your local store.  In summary:

  • Offers and coupons available by text
  • Offers and coupons available by email
  • Can find 10% off entire invoice coupons to be used towards transmission services
  • the best resource for all of these great coupons


Jiffy Lube Transmission Flush Coupons

jiffy lube transmission flush coupons

In addition to oil changes, you can also get a transmission flush at Jiffy Lube.  While coupons for transmission service are difficult to get ahold of, they do offer coupons off of an entire service.  One of the most recent offers is 35% off a service order of $74.99 or more in the form of a printable coupon found on the internet.  However, besides coupons off of their signature oil change service, Jiffy Lube coupons can be elusive.  So in summary:

  • 35% off $74.99 printable coupons are available
  • Check out for special offers and promotions


transmission flush couponsNTB Transmission Flush Coupons

NTB has some great coupons on, at the time of this writing they are offering a $20 off a few of their service offerings which includes transmission flushes.  You can go to to see their wide variety of NTB rebates, coupons, and special offers.  They also have a great email coupon program that you can sign up for at their website as well.




AAMCO Transmission Flush Coupons

transmission flush aamco couponFor some great transmission oil change coupons, there is hardly a better place than the transmission specialist of AAMCO.  One of the great things about AAMCO is that they have a strong emphasis on transmission service so they always have printable coupons on their website (usually right on the home page) for transmission rebuilds, fluid changes, and more.  Usually you can find a $20 off coupon on transmission fluid changes.


Firestone Transmission Flush Coupons

transmission flush firestoneAt you can find all of the current available auto service coupons and offers.  Sometimes they offer full service coupons that are available for print where you can get $25 off a $50 service bill, $50 off a $200 bill, etc.  It is hard to find specific coupons on transmission services and many times their coupons are only on select services that does not include transmission services.


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